Naramata Centre Society Responds to Help Syrian Refugees

Naramata Centre Society has been asked to assist Syrian refugees coming to Canada by providing short term housing. We are currently working with South Okanagan Immigrant and Community Services (SOICS) and local volunteers to determine if Naramata Centre facilities can be used to house 3 to 4 refugee families as part of the Government’s effort to bring Syrian refugees to Canada. We are pleased to be able to help by working with others in the community to assist in the response to one of the largest refugee crises in recent memory. 

Should the Federal Government decide to bring refugees to the South Okanagan the Naramata Centre Society would be participating in this partnership by providing much needed housing.  SOICS and volunteers from Naramata village will be providing the direct support to the refugees. We will provide updates as we learn more about what is happening, and the role we may play in assisting these families.