6 Weeks On

We have been together as a Board for 6 weeks now. It has been an active summer for your Board with much work done on behalf of the Society.

It was very clear to the Board, from the those who spoke at the Society AGM in late June, that people wanted the opportunity to renew their memberships in the Naramata Centre Society as soon as possible so they would have a voice in the future of the Centre and we have worked quickly to do that. We are thrilled that over 100 people have already signed up as members!

As we heard at the AGM the Society's finances are not in good shape which is why we chose to charge a fee for membership this year. The funds will be used to support communication and engagement with our members.

We are working on plans to engage the members of the Society and our many supporters this fall to get people’s input on the future of the Centre. At the same time we are working hard to reduce the ongoing costs of the Centre site so we can have a balanced budget while the Centre remains closed. Reducing costs and organizing the maintenance of the site is consuming significant time and energy on the part of our volunteer board. Watch for opportunities, in the coming weeks, for volunteers to help us maintain the property and buildings.  Once we have secured the site and buildings for winter we will be able focus our energy on the future of the Centre without incurring further debt.

In the fall we will be inviting our membership and supporters to dream, vision, and plan for the future of Naramata Centre Society alongside the Board. Many of you have already made suggestions to us about what the future might be for the Centre. Thank you very much for your commitment to the Centre and the ideas you’ve brought forward. We are collecting those ideas as we receive them.

We would welcome your participation in creating a vision for the future!

Currently we are welcoming people who donate to the Centre monthly to continue to do so.  We very much appreciate your donations. These funds are being used to maintain the Centre buildings and property. We welcome additional donations for this purpose. As we begin the dialogue with you to discern the future of the Society and the Centre any potential additional fund raising will only come after there is a clear future and plan for the Centre.

Doug Woollard,
Board chair