Report from the Board

Your board of directors met on the weekend of August 14-16 at Naramata Centre. At this meeting we welcomed a new board member, Rev. Gordon How who has been appointed as an ex-officio member by BC Conference. 

The board team gathered around the Light of Christ. August 2015.

The board team gathered around the Light of Christ. August 2015.

Although most of us had been to the Centre since the closure it was a strange feeling to be there without staff and participants in the middle of August. We appreciated the presence of the tenants who provide some sense of life and activity for the place. Many of the board have long associations with the Centre in multiple roles as summer staff, winter session and program participants.  Returning to the Centre property brought back many fond memories for us when we walked the Centre grounds on Friday night.  But then it was time to look to the future. 

We worked on how, as a management board, we would govern ourselves and have developed a good understanding of what needs to come to the full board, and what can be delegated to task groups who are given a mandate by the full board to act. In addition to our executive, we established task groups to achieve the work goals we set for the next 6 months.  The work is a mix of maintaining the site and future planning. The task groups are focused on:

  1. Ongoing site maintenance
  2. Research and planning for future site use
  3. Engagement with members and supporters about the future, both on the Naramata site and in your communities
  4. Working with volunteers – How do we recruit and support volunteers to help with a variety of tasks
  5. Communication with all who have an interest in the Centre

The Board spent time determining how we will run our meetings. We will be using a consent agenda approach to ensure all voices are heard while we move forward with our agenda. Most of us did not know each other before we joined the board so we spent time getting to know one another and, in true Naramata fashion, started to build a community.

We spent time giving our answers to the questions:

“What are you looking for and how is Naramata Centre uniquely positioned to meet that need”
“What is Naramata Centre Society called to be?”

Most importantly we decided we need to come and speak with you about the future of the Centre and we will be developing an approach to do just that in late October in communities in BC and Alberta.  Watch for more details in the coming weeks.

We are also inviting you to come to the Centre to help get the site ready for winter.  You have likely already seen the note announcing the dates on three consecutive weekends October 3 - 4; 10-12; and, 17-18. Board members will be on hand each weekend to help organize the work parties and engage in conversation about the future. The Bookstore will open briefly each weekend for your purchases. 

We worshipped together, ate together, did our own dishes and washed our own bedding.  The task ahead for all of us, determining the future of Naramata Centre Society is one filled with opportunity and hard work.  We alone as the Board cannot achieve this goal. We must hear from you who care about the future of the Centre. We need your help in answering the question “what is Naramata Centre called to be?”

Doug Wollard
Board chair

Sunday worship, lyrics of Nancy Nordlie, "Peace Is the Wholeness". August 2015

Sunday worship, lyrics of Nancy Nordlie, "Peace Is the Wholeness". August 2015