Work + Engagement Weekend SIGN UP IS OPEN!

Click here for all the details, and sign up forms!

As announced in late-August, the board of directors is pleased to invite the supporters and members of Naramata Centre Society into a month of giving thanks for Naramata Centre!  In August, we invited you to save the dates, and help spread the word of our coming Work & Engagement Sessions. Now, we are ready for you sign up to come - join us at the Centre.

The general information on the October 2015 Work and Engagement page pertains to each of the Work and Engagement weekends. Following the general information, you'll see three separate sign up links. There is one link for each unique date of each Work & Engagement Weekend.

Please read all of the general information carefully before signing up for the weekend of your choosing. Many questions are answered in the information contained on the website and sign up forms.

On behalf of Jenne, Jeremy, Pam, and Barb
(we are the board Engagement Task Group),
and with great anticipation and appreciation,

~ Tressa
Board member, communications lead