Getting together with Neighbours

Today, I posted the announcement below, to It might be a couple of days before it's live on the website ( is an amazing hub of moderated information about what's happening in the Village, be sure to check it out), so here's the announcement now. Go ahead and forward this blog post to anyone you think needs to know about our invitation to the Local Community & Businesses of Naramata Village. Thanks for helping to get the word out!

Dear Naramata Village residents and businesses,

On October 1st please join our board chair Doug Woollard, and board member Jeremy Church, for a conversation about "Naramata Centre”. We want your input and ideas as we think and act our way toward a new future. What is Naramata Centre called to be?

Naramata Centre Engagement Evening
1 October 2015 (Thursday)
7pm in the Chalmers Chapel

In June 2015 at the Naramata Centre Annual General Meeting, the Naramata Centre Society elected a new board of directors. With the Centre closed, this board operates as a management board, and our primary tasks are to secure the Naramata Centre property site and to discern the future of the Naramata Centre. There are 11 members on the board of directors from BC and Alberta; we are all volunteers. You can find out more about the members of the board on our website: Click here! Board Team

The board is looking at October as a full month of Thanksgiving, and we’re enabling volunteers from the Naramata Centre Society and it’s supporters, to come ready the the Centre for winter in the spirit of gratitude and community. This will happen over 3 weekends in October, called Work & Engagement Weekends. Folks are traveling from across BC and Alberta, and from right up the street, to volunteer and participate. Their work will be to care for the site, and to engage in important conversations about the purpose and future of the Naramata Centre Society. Local residents are very welcome to join any of the 3 Work & Engagement Weekends as well. Full information on the Work & Engagement Weekends is on our website: Click here! Sign up is required, to help organize the job board. 

Here are a number of ways for you to stay informed about the work and progress of the Naramata Centre Society:

We look forward to hosting you in Chalmers Chapel at 7:00 pm on Oct 1st!

Tressa  Brotsky, 
Executive Board Member, Communications Lead