Board Membership Update

It is with much regret that we announce Tressa Brotsky’s resignation from the Board of Naramata Centre Society. Tressa has been a board member since June 2015 and has served expertly as our Communications Lead, helping to ensure transparent and timely communication to our membership and developing our new website. She has also shared her passion for ongoing programming at the Centre with our Program Task Group.

Tressa has taken a step back from the Board for personal reasons, but is continuing to be active in her support of Naramata Centre and the Board of Directors. Please join us in thanking Tressa for her service.

The Board recognizes the continuing importance of communications with the public and our membership as we go forward. Our Chair (Doug Woollard) and Secretary (Sarah Vollett) are working with the Board and a number of volunteers to ensure that our communications continue to be frequent and informative.