A week at Naramata Centre June 28 - July 2

Naramata Centre is up and running this summer and participants this week are very happy that this is so! Someone remarked,  "It's so good to be back here." Another replied, "I'm thankful there is a here to come back to!"

Participants this week were immersed in the familiar spirit of Naramata Centre through community building, spiritual nurture, singing together and meaningful conversations! 

Two well-subscribed programs were offered:

  • Somatic Awakening (Feldenkrais) facilitated by Rob Black, with assistance from Brent Kisilevich.
  • Singing for Life with Jean and Jim Strathdee leading the singing and Donna and Tim Scorer facilitating.

I attended the singing program and can attest to the joy expressed by many at simply being at the Centre: immersed in community, singing Naramata favorites, being in a program together, forming new friendships. There was quiet emotion at being back in that circle. These folks love the Centre and were fully engaged, and committed to spreading the word back home in their churches and communities. 

As Community Spirit Facilitators this week, the Scorers helped the group plan a wide range of activities. They also led Sacred Pause, which book-ended the days, with mornings at the beach and evenings in the chapel. The Strathdees performed in the chapel Wednesday evening, with both Centre guests and local Naramata residents attending. 

Centre participants determined the social agenda for the week: a wine-tasting tour, Feldenkrais demonstration and booked sessions, Healing Pathway complementary and booked sessions, a drumming circle, enthusiastic volunteer activities on the grounds and in the buildings, and a wrap-up potluck dinner and concert Friday evening. Life was busy here! 

People were filled up and left optimistic about the future. And, it renewed the sense of hope that we can thrive once again with a new format, volunteer-supported spiritual Centre led by a committed group of amazing individuals!

I hope that you, too, will have time at the Centre this summer to engage with others, and with the spirit of this place.

Submitted by a board member


Come back to the Centre this summer! There is still time to register for programs and accommodation. Check out naramatacentresociety.org/programs and look under Programs