Highlights from our annual general meeting!

The Naramata Centre Society welcomed 64 members and 25 non-member guests to its annual general meeting (AGM), on June 25 at the Centre.

Discussion of Draft Business Plan

Prior to the official meeting, participants were invited to provide feedback and comments on the Naramata Centre Society Draft Business Plan 2016-2020, which had been previously circulated to members. Board member Pam Rinehart used an open space process, inviting individuals to bring forward various topics related to the business plan for discussion. Lively discussion ensued, with participants joining groups to express their views on topics of interest.

Some themes from the discussion were re-affirmations:

  • Naramata Centre is a beloved place of spiritual nurture, a spiritual home for many.
  • The Centre is safe place for all ages; it is inclusive of all. Everyone is made welcome here.
  • The Centre creates community and people come committed to being in community.

Varying opinions emerged in discussion of the following topics:

  • What is the appropriate footprint for the Centre in the future?
  • What is important in working with possible future partners?
  • Spirituality, Christian roots, emerging progressive, holistic Christianity: what is the path to our identity?
  • Marketing and communications, how do we reach young adults and other audiences?
  • What should programming look like going forward?
  • Community, intentional community
  • Financial matters

The Board of Directors appreciates the feedback received through the discussion and will consider it as we move forward this year.


Board Chair Doug Woollard welcomed everyone to the meeting and provided his report on the work of the board over the past year. He pointed out various aspects of the draft business plan including issues that will need decisions going forward, such as the physical footprint of the Centre, the sewage system, and others. The full report is available here.

Treasurer Kathy Hamilton reported that Naramata Centre incurred a loss for the year ending December 31, 2015 due to Centre closing costs (including severance) earlier that year. Subsequent to that time, the Centre operated with a balanced budget, ending the year with money in the bank. Labor costs are low,  thanks to our dedicated volunteers. Once again this year, the Centre received a grant from BC Conference. We are grateful for this support, as well as the support of our monthly and periodic donors, as we work to discern the Centre's future. 

Bylaws were discussed and revised as needed to comply with current standards and how the Centre is operating. One new addition to the bylaws is the introduction of proxy voting, which allows a voting member to appoint a proxy holder, who must have been a member for at least three months and must be 16 years of age or older.  The proxy holder may exercise only one proxy vote. (A full description of the bylaw changes is available in the draft minutes posted here.)

Five new board members were acclaimed. They are: Terry Brunner, Naramata; Barb Green, Edmonton; Terrance Malkinson, Calgary; Darren Rettie, Naramata; Sarah Thomas, Port Alberni. Biographies for these new board members are available on the website.

Chair Doug Woollard expressed a sincere thank you for the efforts and support provided by retiring board members Tressa Brotsky, Norma Fraser, Dhane Merriman and Kathy Hamilton. Thanks were also given for the efforts of numerous volunteers over the past year. 

Click here to read the AGM minutes

2016/17 Memberships

Memberships with the Naramata Centre Society expired June 25 after the AGM, so please renew today. Your membership demonstrates your support, allows us to keep you informed of Centre and board activities, and gives you the opportunity to vote at the AGM. Membership fees are $20.