Learning and Retreat at the Centre

Nourishing Mind, Body and Spirit Contemplative Retreat

In a time characterized by its fast pace, we human beings especially need times to set down our busyness, to step back from the fullness of daily life and retreat to times of grounding, centering and remembering ourselves. Contemplative retreats offer Sabbath rest which is profoundly restorative - for mind, body and spirit. The journey of the integrated human being is about moving beyond surviving toward thriving, and finding or making communities of mutual support and encouragement are vital.

This June, Lois Huey-Heck, with Natalie Maxson and Keri Wehlander, offers an invitation to come for this kind of restoration and inspiration via Nourishing Mind Body & Spirit: A Contemplative Retreat at Naramata Centre. 

Lois says "Together we'll create and experience a community of kindred souls in which we'll experience wisdom teachings, nurture body-mind connection, reverence our God-given bodies and practice listening to their wisdom, tap our creative souls, and deepen into connection with Divine Spirit. We'll be indoors and outdoors, in community and in solitude, we'll be creative and reflective, prayerful and active in turn. We'll take home life-sustaining practices."

The Spirit of Naramata Centre, the land and its people are ready. To register for this event, please click here or phone 250-496-5751.

Thoughts on the April Art Retreat - Jan Ritchie


"There's something about this place," was a comment repeated many times during our second annual spring retreat at the Centre. "After three full days of painting, sharing meals, going for long walks and hanging out together we feel restored and rejuvenated. The comfortable accommodation, the peaceful surroundings and the staff's welcoming hospitality will be bringing us back next year for sure."
~ Impressions, 10-member painting group, Kelowna, BC