Public Engagement & Future Planning

Naramata Centre is working on a master plan to guide future development of the Centre and our lands. The Board of Directors hired the consulting team MODUS Planning, Design & Engagement, who will work with local architects Landform Architecture to develop the master site plan over the coming months. 

This plan will help guide the Centre's decisions for future use of our lands including those we are proposing to sell, highlight projects for improvement, explore potential shared community infrastructure, and recommend phasing of development.

Public Engagement Session: June 27 from 6pm - 8pm 

MODUS is organizing a two-day intensive participatory planning and design workshop). The intent is to involve the Naramata community and key Centre stakeholders in creating preliminary ideas for future use of Centre lands, that MODUS will illustrate with sketches and an initial concept plan.  

We invite you to attend our public engagement session June 27 to explore community-sourced ideas with us. The design team will take the input, combine it with their research, and present ideas at a public open house on June 29 from 10am to noon. Your participation in both sessions is welcome and appreciated.

These meetings coincide with our June 29 AGM in the hopes we can encourage our community to attend. It's an important time in the evolution of the Centre. Please plan to attend so you can be part of the conversation and provide your thoughts and ideas as we plan the future Centre site.

Later in the afternoon on June 29, please join us at a pot-luck dinner as we gather in community together and visit old friends and new.

More details for the Public Engagement Session are on our Facebook page.