Design Charrette


MODUS - a firm specializing in planning, urban design and engagement - led us through a process where they gathered ideas through discussions, community feedback and a site tour on Thursday. MODUS then created a bold new vision for the property that will be achieved through reducing our footprint, repurposing outdoor space and renovating our remaining buildings. Board members are pleased and energized by this new vision!

Over 80 people joined the discussion on Saturday morning to hear MODUS' suggestions and sketches showing what the site might look like with these changes. If you are coming to the Centre this summer, drop into Alberta Hall to see the sketches and hear about the possibilities!

Many ideas and possibilities were presented with ideas ranging from affordable housing, to co-housing to ecological sanitary water treatment facilities. Each idea generated enthusiastic discussions and provided the opportunity to push the boundaries of our creative thinking. That in itself is one of the many purposes of a Charrette - to create ideas that could lead to feasible solutions.
Click to read more about some of the ideas in the June Board Update.