Sustainability at the Centre

This summer, seven Summer Leaders joined the Naramata Staff team, bringing with them a host of new ideas for how the centre can improve and build upon our current sustainability practices. The brainstorms were electric, with fingers flying furiously over laptop keyboard keys (paperless, wahoo!) to get everything noted down before it slipped away. This month, those exciting new ideas have begun to take shape around the centre and impact our participants experiences here in very real ways. 

We started with waste management, could we recycle more, and send less stuff to the landfill? Could we send less stuff off-site entirely? Inspired by a similar project at Quest University Canada, summer leader Kailyn Pritchard identified a few key areas where Naramata Centre could improve its waste management practices. 

Kailyn Pritchard - Young Adult Summer Leader

Kailyn Pritchard - Young Adult Summer Leader

For years, participants have been asking if we have somewhere to dispose of compost on site. On week 4 of this summer, that changed! Kailyn, along with volunteers and summer leader team, built the first compost bins the centre has ever had. These bins will be carefully and thoughtfully managed in order to ensure that they break down our scraps as quickly and scent-lessly as possible. It’s such as exciting time of progress here at the Centre!

If you have any questions about the Summer Leaders’ sustainability projects, please feel free to email them at