What is Naramata Centre?

Open to all ages, Naramata Centre is an inclusive, welcoming educational retreat centre and campground that invites you to connect and deepen in mind, body and spirit. The Centre provides a safe community for children, teens, adults, families and elders to play, relax, grow and be authentically themselves. We intentionally seek to gather in community for shared experience and create a space where being present and connecting to oneself, others, nature and the Sacred become easier. 

Who are our Program Leaders?

Program Leaders are individuals, families or groups with skills, gifts and hearts that they wish to share through a planned program. Program Leaders immerse themselves in community by participating in community activities and offering their skills as may best fit with the activities and events planned by the Community Life Team. 

Program Leaders also have the opportunity to be a mentor to a Summer Intern. By opting into a co-leadership model for their summer week, Program Leaders can share leadership knowledge and practical skills with a Summer Intern who is interested in their program.

Program Content

In 2019, we are intentionally seeking programs that focus on nourishing mind, body and spirit. This is achieved through programming that engages participants in recreation, social justice, creative expression, spiritual nurture and community building opportunities that articulate our Vision, Mission, Values and Theological identity. For more details click here

What you need to know about building your program

In 2019, we seek to grow on the program and the community building framework that makes Naramata Centre so unique. A typical program week will run Saturday to Saturday with structured programs Monday to Friday. 

To assist in community building, we encourage Program Leaders to develop programs that run in the morning. This allows the community to organize afternoon and evening activities throughout the week. We do recognize, though, that a morning model does not work with all programs and some of our most successful programs have run in the afternoon or early evening. We encourage people to still propose their program even if it does not fit nicely into the proposal package!

Program Structure

This year we are encouraging two different program structures to allow Program Leaders to be more flexible and collaborative in designing their program. 

Program Structure A

Program Leaders develop and run a program for the week. You develop the content and resource materials for the week and you work autonomously with Naramata Centre to deliver your program. 

Program Structure B

Individuals come together to collaboratively design a program for the 5 days. Program Leaders will work together around a common theme and may only lead the program for 1 - 2 days. You can either find a group of people to work together to submit a proposal, or submit an individual proposal and the Centre will connect you with people who would be working on the same theme. This model would work well for a program that encompasses a variety of disciplines, self discovery, social justice, outdoor retreat, art, music and young adult programs. 

As you design your program, we encourage you to combine creativity with financial viability. You are invited to be innovative as you determine the duration and timing of your program, in consideration of your specific program needs. As a contracted Program Leader, you will provide all the program-related needs of your participants. As much as possible, you will provide any supplies, handouts, etc. for your program participants and consider the costs of these materials when determining your registration fee. 

Program Participants

Naramata Centre draws and inspires people from many paths and walks of life, as a place for learning, playing, sharing, contemplation, personal growth and spiritual renewal. We are unique in our approach by being diverse and intentionally multi-generational in our programs and community. We strive to collaboratively offer dynamic experiences at the Centre that resonate with people of all ages and stages of life.

Please consider which age and/or stage your program caters to:

  • families

  • age specific (e.g. 3 - 5, 5 - 8, 8 - 12, 10 - 15, 15 - 17, 18 - 35, 65 - 105)

  • specific life stages: e.g. pre-teens, young adults, empty-nesters, or elders

  • multi-aged / intergenerational programs (e.g. 4 - 104 or 12 - 112)


Timing of your program can be critical to your success. Programs for children, youth, families, intergenerational and elders are successful during the summer months. While some young adults will attend programming with family in the summer, others are hard working to save up for the next academic semester. Young adult programs that run during the last week of summer, over long weekends or during spring break are more likely to attract participants. 

Determine Your Costs

Leading a program at Naramata Centre is an experience beneficial for you, the participants and the Centre. As a contracted program leader, you determine your per-participant program fee.

When planning your program consider: all your expenses (accommodation, travel, liability insurance, food, etc); add course material costs if applicable; calculate your preparation and instruction time; and identify your profit goals. Please establish a minimum number of participants to guarantee you and the Centre are able to generate adequate revenue.

On-site Accommodation

If you wish to stay at the Centre, a variety of on-site rental accommodations are available. Food services are not available at Naramata Centre, but most units provide private or shared cooking facilities. Payment for accommodation will not be required before your program start date.  A base accommodation rate will be deducted from your gross revenue before your profit is calculated. If you choose to upgrade your accommodation unit, costs above the base rate will be calculated as an expense from your proportion of the profit.

Facility Use Fee 

Delivering a program is a collaborative experience between the Program Leaders and the Centre. Once the full revenue is received from your program, a standard leader accommodation cost, and related material costs will be deducted. The remainder of the income will be shared 60/40. You will retain 60% of your participant program fee and the Naramata Centre will reserve 40% as a facility use fee. This fee contributes to Naramata Centre’s costs, including: our staff team, building utilities and site maintenance.

Naramata Centre has developed a Revenue Calculator for Spring/ Fall Program Leaders and a Revenue Calculator for Summer Program Leaders to assist in determining your costs and per-participant fee for your proposed program. 

We value and welcome gifts of Time, Treasure and Talent!

If you would prefer to donate your leadership at the Centre next summer, you will still need to determine your per-participant fee. Naramata Centre will charge the participants in your course the full participant program fee. Once your expenses have been covered, you have two donation options. You can choose to accept the profit, and then donate it back, receiving a tax receipt. Or you may choose to opt out of your portion of the profit.

Emergent community life

The Community Life Team will be present to support you, your participants and the larger community in building community life beyond program hours. The Centre is located within a vibrant village and a vast valley. Your participants could include villagers, valley-ers, and visitors from afar. There will be invitations for all to contribute time, talents and ideas as the community experience emerges.


Marketing of your program is a shared responsibility. We require that program leaders promote their own programs. We encourage you to create and distribute your own marketing materials and promote your program within your own networks. The Centre will also promote your program as we post your program information on our website, social media, and communications with our mailing lists. We would also encourage you to share any posters, flyers or videos for your program with the Program Manager so that we can promote your program further through our social media accounts and other community boards around the Centre. 


Program descriptions, leader bios and dates will be posted on the Naramata Centre Society (NCS) website, and registration and payment will be directed through the NCS website. 

Criminal Record Check

Closer to the time of your program commencing, you will be asked to complete a Criminal Record Check. This can be done through the online service through the Criminal Records Review Program (CRRP) with the Government of BC or through your local Police Service. A copy of a current Criminal Record Check/Police check will be accepted.


The Bylaws of the Naramata Centre Society require that insurance is maintained at all times. As an independent contracted Program Leader, you require insurance that provides not less than two million dollars of general liability insurance for the contract term, with Naramata Centre Society named as co-insured. We encourage you to access insurance through your own provider, or the Centre’s provider, Johnston Meirer Insurance Agencies Group.

Have questions? Contact Rick James at 1-888-443-9678 or by email at rick.james@jmins.com.

Costs should be factored into your program fees (approx $200). We suggest securing insurance no sooner than 30 days before your program start date. 

Expressions of Interests for Spring, Summer and Fall programs. 

Any questions? Contact us at programs@naramatacentresociety.org