Campground and Volunteer Host Application Form

Thank you for your interest in being a host at the Naramata Centre! You can learn more about our Campground Host position by clicking here, and our Volunteer Host position by clicking here.

Please complete the following application.

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Please indicate the weeks that you would like to host. Please note that hosts must be available for a minimum of 3 weeks, to a maximum of 6 weeks. While summer weeks at Naramata Centre run Saturday to Saturday, we may ask you to arrive on a Friday or stay until Sunday to ensure there is coverage for the Saturday turn-over day.
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I have read the qualifications and agree to the duties and responsibilities of the Campgroup or Volunteer Host (linked to above)
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All Campground and Volunteer Hosts will be required to complete a criminal record check. The costs of this process will be covered by Naramata Centre.