Naramata Centre draws and inspires people from many paths and walks of life, as a place for learning, sharing, contemplation, personal growth and spiritual renewal. In 2016-2017, the Board developed new Vision, Mission, Values and Theological Identity statements to carry the Centre forward into the future.

Photo credit: Keri Wehlander

Photo credit: Keri Wehlander


Welcoming community: where people of all generations are valued for who they are.


Inspiring individual and collective transformation in a safe, inclusive, sacred space.


Collaboration: We work in partnership

Diversity: We welcome and honour all ages, abilities, cultures, economic and social circumstances, ethnicities, gender identities, religions, and sexual orientations.

Integrity: We are honest, fair and just; what we say and how we act are congruent

Resilience: We adapt in the presence of challenge and opportunity

Reverence: We act with deep and courageous respect for the sacredness of life, in service to all creation, living with wonder and faith.

Theological Identity

We acknowledge and affirm our roots and connection to the United Church of Canada. Our Christian story gives us language and metaphor to share our stories, and is one path to deeper relationship with ourselves, one another and God. We encourage conversations and experiences that challenge us to explore questions about our beliefs and how we live in the world. We value diverse spiritual expression that nurtures all people, those who are trusting, doubting, seeking and knowing.