The Naramata Centre Society is contracting program leaders to facilitate program experiences for people of all ages and stages, May through October 2018. We invite you to submit your programs ideas for one or more of our program seasons.

Summer season focus

During the summer season, programs cater to participants from near and far coming to play, relax and grow in community.  Programs provide opportunities for children & youth, families and intergenerational participants to engage in three to five day experiences.

Spring/Fall season focus

During this season, programs focus on opportunities for adults to experience personal development and spiritual growth through retreats and training programs. Programs are offered over a minimum of three days.

We are currently seeking program ideas and leadership that would appeal to people engaged in ministry (clergy or lay), and to church members interested in congregational support and growth. Please pitch by November 25, 2017.

How do I submit a pitch?

  • Describe your program idea.
  • Give us a short explanation on how your program resonates with our Vision, Mission, Values and Theological Identity.
  • Indicate your target audience (Age range, interests, etc...).
  • Tell us how you would market your program beyond our website.

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What you need to know about building your program:

Open to people of all ages, Naramata Centre is an inclusive, welcoming place to connect and deepen in mind, body and spirit. The Centre provides a peaceful oasis for children, teens, adults, families and elders to play, relax, grow and be authentically themselves, supported in community. The essence of Naramata Centre is difficult to capture in words. It is a place where being present and connecting to oneself, others, nature and the Sacred become easier.

Program Structure

As you design your program, we encourage you to combine creativity with financial viability. You are invited to be innovative as you determine the duration and timing of your program, in consideration of your specific program needs. A variety of options are open to you, for example, three-to-five day workshops offered in a morning, afternoon, evening or combined time slots.  As a contracted program leader, you will provide all the program-related needs of your participants.  As much as possible, you will provide any supplies, handouts etc. for your program participants and consider the costs of these materials when determining your registration fee.  

Program Participants

Naramata Centre draws and inspires people from many paths and walks of life, as a place for learning, playing, sharing, contemplation, personal growth and spiritual renewal. We are unique in our approach by being diverse and intentionally multi-generational in our programs and community. We strive to collaboratively offer dynamic experiences at the Centre that resonate with people of all ages and stages of life. Please consider which age and/or stage your program caters to (families, specific ages including young children and youth, specific life stages including families to elders, a multi-aged population, etc.).

Program Content

This year we are intentionally seeking programs that focus on fostering a healthy body, mind and spirit. The purpose of our programming is to engage participants in recreation, creative expression, spiritual nurture and community building opportunities that articulate our  Vision, Mission, Values and Theological identity. Feel free to contact us if you are passionate about a program idea and are wondering if it aligns with our focus.

Program Selection

We will be selecting 20-30 programs for the 2018 season. Program pitches will be evaluated on their viability, appeal to a target audience and alignment with our purpose. We will be asking our first-round selections to submit a more detailed program description for consideration in our final selection process.

Program Leaders

Leaders are active participants in determining their program registration fees, booking accommodation, paying a facility fee and engaging in community.  For more details on program parameters, click here.

Join us as we provide opportunities that inspire creative expression,encourage spiritual growth, nurture health and well-being,  and empower community experience.

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