We are inviting past participants and people new to the Centre to come and stay with us from May 28 to September 24. The invitation includes opportunities to rent accommodations or space in the camp ground for a week at a time, as well as the opportunity to sign up for programs. We won’t be providing food services. Accommodations and programs are priced based on comparable costs elsewhere.

Accommodation Overview

Camping and self-catered accommodations is available for minimum one-week bookings (Saturday to Saturday) beginning May 28 until September 24. Prices for accommodation will be lower in early June and September. Naramata Centre accommodations vary from quite new in Orchard Court, to the older and rustic East Court and Cottage Court. Units do not have air-conditioning, WiFi or TV’s. Partially serviced campsites have power and water hookups, while unserviced sites do not. All campsites have access to washrooms with showers and flush toilets, as well as a large covered outdoor eating area with fridge, stove and barbecue. We do not have sewer hookups but there is an onsite sani-dump.

For those who wish to volunteer to help the Centre each week up to 3 one-bedroom units will be made available for those who would like to work in exchange for reduced accommodation rates.

Accommodation reservations will be managed through a company called RCR Consulting Inc., who has contracted with the Naramata Centre Society to manage the summer rentals.  RCR Consulting Inc. is a company run by Robin and John Robertson.  John and Robin offered their services to help the Centre raise revenue to cover our costs of maintaining the Centre over the 2016 year. They were selected by the Board because of their extensive knowledge of the site and buildings and experience in running the operation. They will be responsible for all accommodation, cleaning and grounds maintenance.

For more information on accommodations, or to make a reservation, please click here.

Programming Overview

This summer we are emphasizing collaborative approaches to multi-generational and diverse community experiences that focus on reverence and justice - keys to testing new ground and growing roots for a sustainable future model at Naramata Centre. We ask all our participants to come into the summer with open minds, whether you have experienced Naramata in the past or are coming for the first time. 

While we are offering programming, it is not on the scale that was previously experienced at the Centre and will operate independently from accommodation rentals. Programming is optional for those staying on site, and we welcome program attendees from the local community or who are staying off site. We will be providing some facilitated community and worship activities that are open to everyone, whether or not they are registered for programs, as well as the local community.

Program registration is managed by the Naramata Centre Society. Some of our programs are child and youth specific or intergenerational. This summer, there will not be separate morning programming for children, and parents/guardians will be responsible for child care and supervision. Please note that programs may not run at the same time of day – some programs may be for 3 full days, while others may run every day in the morning, afternoon or evening. All programs will fall within a single week-long accommodation period.

For more information on programs, or to register for a program, please click here.