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2. Pray with us, and one another.

In this space you'll find prayers written by friends of the Centre and Society. We are so blessed.


Allow the rhythm of your breath to take you inward.

Sit with the Holy......

Recall a memory from your time at the Centre, a memory when you received a grace-
maybe peace, forgiveness, insight, courage, a sense of belonging.

Recall the situation......
Your thoughts and feelings, others who were part of it.
Sit with your memory, enjoy it.
Reflect upon how this situation has shaped you.

Offer thanks for the blessings of that time.

Allow the graces to carry you through this day.
Ask for the power and presence of grace to surround the Centre and to shape its future.
Be held in this moment......

— Lori Megley-Best, Surrey BC

Past Prayers can be read here.

3. Have fun with this IDEA GENERATOR

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